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Quenching the Thirst – Guiding Boys to Satisfaction

Quenching the Thirst – Guiding Boys to Satisfaction

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The key takeaways to help boys become godly and happy men.

  1. Boys’ Yearning for Leadership:

    In spite of the appearances that they are independent or defiant, boys really want strong male leadership who can guide them on what it means for a man to be. Boys need guidance, attention, and connection to navigate our complex culture.

  2. Boys’ Fourfold Thirst:

    Boys are driven by a desire to belong, feel competent, have worth and autonomy. Boys need to feel accepted, valuable, capable and valued. Mentorships that are right can satisfy these needs and provide reassurance.

  3. Why you need real-life connections:

    In an age of increasing reliance on virtual environments, boys need real life connections that acknowledge and affirm their unique talents. What a boy thinks of himself is influenced by the reactions and expressions of those who matter most to him.

  4. The importance of a masculine-centric environment

    It can be difficult to talk about emotions with men and boys. The environment should be male-centric, so that boys can see men dealing with and expressing emotions ,…

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