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Summer Activities for Foster Families

Summer Activities for Foster Families

It’s summertime! Or, as I used to refer to it when I was a little girl, it is “Funnertime!” And what better time of year to come up with fun summer activities for foster families?

I became a Christian at the age of 30. Early in my walk with the Lord, I remember going to church one Sunday morning and being handed a bulletin featuring a sketch of Jesus laughing. This image made me laugh.

After the service, I couldn’t stop thinking about Jesus laughing. I kept the bulletin with an overflowing, joy-filled Jesus on my refrigerator for years after that.

Since then, I’ve thought about moments in which Jesus might have laughed. I imagine Jesus laughed on many occasions, but I am most confident that He laughed when He was being tugged at and chased by children. The Bible says, “He welcomed them with all their playfulness” (Matthew 19:14).

They were not ashamed to ask for Jesus. Children were unashamed to need Jesus. Out loud. Hearing their laughter, seeing their joy… For Jesus, being near children was a must.

Measurement of joy in different ways

I spent my first twenty-six years as a foster family at Olive Crest with a lot of excitement.

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