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Sustaining Your Parent Cafés

Sustaining Your Parent Cafés

By Kathryn Leigh Goetz

Are you part of a robust Parent Café effort with a dynamic team of parents leading the Cafés and seats filled regularly? Are you about to lose funding for your Parent Cafe? Be Strong Families would like to assist with ensuring that your Café effort continues to thrive. We want to be your partner in sustaining Cafés and will be available to collaborate on fundraising activities, evaluation efforts, and promotion. Let us know what you need — let’s brainstorm together how to sustain your successful Café effort! Contact us Schedule an exploratory discussion. Our mission is to work together with others to bring about transformational change by fostering conversations that foster the spirit of the family, promote health and prevent violence. We know that your Cafés do all of this: so, let’s get going on the next conversation about how we can partner with purpose!

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