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Teen Defiance Be on the lookout for emotional wounds


We’re committed to our kids’ character development, teaching them right from wrong, and disciplining them when they chose poorly. We make sure that they do their chores and their schoolwork. We’re there to cheer them on at their performances and games—with our cell phone in video mode. There’s no question we are fully devoted to meeting our kids’ needs.

It is difficult to answer the hard question: Are I meeting? All What are their needs?   

Physical vs. Emotional vs.

A newborn requires clothing, food, shelter, and nutrition. These practical provisions do not cover all the needs of a baby, and she will still need them throughout her childhood. Her soul is dependent on her, which she calls Your heart is your most important resource. She must receive ongoing emotional nurturance if she’s going to thrive.

This is also true for teenagers.

Unfortunately, in our busy modern-day culture, it’s easy to lose sight of our kids’ vital need for emotional connection. They are hungry for nurturing.

It’s entirely possible for some of the most responsible, committed parents to unintentionally neglect to meet their kids’ emotional needs. ,…

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