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What is the Difference Between Teen Depression and Teen Moodiness?


It can be difficult for parents to distinguish between normal teenage moodiness and depression. Depression and anxiety levels are increasing in post-Covid times. Teens are wired to crave stimulation. They have emotional reactions that can sometimes be crippling and urgent. Our mission as parents is to make children resilient.

It’s important to determine if your teen is experiencing normal adolescent moodiness and irritability or if it is something more serious like depression. So let’s review why today’s teens seem more vulnerable and learn practical ways to help them build resilience.

Possible causes of adolescents’ depression

Adolescent depression can be caused by many factors. Teens can feel worthless and depressed over their grades or fraught relationships. Many teenagers experience depression as they grow up from boys and daughters to become young men or women.

This time is characterized by risk factors such as family conflict, addictions or divorce.

Multiple health issues can have a negative impact on your overall health.

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