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The Truth about Your Spouse

The Truth about Your Spouse

You may not be as sure about your spouse as you thought. Or, they may have more to offer than you realized. If you want to have a happy marriage, it is important to understand three facts about your partner.

These truths may not be new to you but it’s important that they sink into your mind and heart. You will be able to hold your marriage together when your spouse disappoints you. Keep these truths in mind as a way to anchor yourself to reality, and you will find that your love for your partner is more genuine.

The closer you are to your spouse, the more the truth will come out

I am celebrating three years of marriage this month. I know a lot more about my husband now than I did when we first met. We’ve settled into familiar patterns of communication. I know the buttons to push to start a conflict. I know what to say and do to encourage him. A word or a touch can make my day.


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