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Tips to Guide Your Child’s Spiritual Growth

Tips to Guide Your Child’s Spiritual Growth

As a parent, should I take an active part in guiding my child’s spiritual growth? Are spiritual matters something we should let our children decide for themselves when they are grown?

Should parents encourage their children to believe in God while they teach them how to read, brush their teeth and be kind?

What if we want to sleep in on Sunday? Should I wake everyone up, look for the shoe that’s missing, then pile the family into the car and drive to the church?

How important is it that I teach my child how to pray and read the Bible regularly?

What is Spiritual Growth?

The four main categories of development for children are: physically, emotionally and functionally. Physical development is a combination of healthy nutrition, good hygiene and nurturing environments.

Emotionally, the child learns to experience their emotions fully and then contain them and speak truth.

Functionality is a combination of academics and life skills, which prepares your child to become responsible for themselves and others.

The fourth important area of development is your child’s spiritual growth.

Faith is…

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