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What Does the Bible Say About Remarriage?

What Does the Bible Say About Remarriage?

Everybody loves a good tale about a wedding. And there’s nothing better than two people falling madly in love and then deciding to tie their hearts in marriage. Oh, the romance of it all.Unfortunately, as we know, all marriages don’t last. Some marriages end due to death, while some end because of divorce. You may find yourself in a position where you are no longer married. For many, this is a situation where they want to get remarried. But what does God say about remarriage? According to the Bible, marriage is a legally binding contract

between one man (or woman) and one woman (or both). When it comes to marriage, I know we like to focus on the love part, but the truth is when you get married, you are taking a binding oath – before God, before the law, and before men. This oath is your agreement to be committed to one person for as long as you both shall live.Now that we have defined that let’s consider the question of…

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