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If your Adopted Child Wants to Reunion


When you placed your child into the arms of another family years ago, maybe you didn’t have a choice of openness or lost contact for whatever reason since then. Perhaps you’ve been hoping for a reunion with your adopted child all this time, or you could be nervous about the idea that they want to reunite with you. You may find a combination of both. It doesn’t matter what your feelings are about reunification following adoption.

Request a Reunion

You may feel a rollercoaster when your child or adoptive family reaches for you. First, breathe. Pause. Pray for God’s guidance. It is certainly an exciting time, but it can also bring about a complicated mixture of joy, grief, and questions. Karen, for instance, was able to reunite with her daughter 25 years later. She says, “My emotions ranged from pure joy to overwhelming sadness.” It’s okay to feel that way. You can choose how to react depending on what you feel…

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