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Why is Astrology so popular with teens?


Jessie sat down next to Sarah at the cafeteria tables. Pushing her chemistry and math books out of the way, she opened her sack lunch and peeked over Sarah’s shoulder to see what she was scrolling through on her iPhone. She recognized the symbols for the zodiac but didn’t realize Astrology has become so popular Her teenage friends. “What are you reading?”

“My horoscope,” Sarah answered, showing Jessie the app. “Look. It gives me information about my strengths, weaknesses, best and worst traits, how my day will go, my connections with the most, and helps me make smarter decisions about what I should do. Like if I should go on a date with Todd or not.” She winked at the football player from across the high school cafeteria. “You should give it a try sometime. It’s totally harmless.”

Sarah’s words played on Jessie’s mind all afternoon. She pondered about her friend’s horoscope as she stared at her chemistry homework that evening. She was so confused about herself, her life and her future. The world felt…

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